citizen consultation - Comment permettre à chacun de mieux s'informer ?

Consultation initiated by :
  • CLEMI,
  • SciencesPo,
  • AFP,
  • XWiki SAS
In partnership with:
  • 20 Minutes,
  • Franceinfo,
  • Groupe Ebra,
  • DNA,
  • L’Alsace,
  • Le Bien Public,
  • Le Dauphiné Libéré,
  • Le journal de Saône-et-Loire,
  • Le Progrès,
  • L’Est Républicain,
  • Le Republicain Lorrain,
  • Vosges matin,
  • France Bleu
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  • Consultation start date :
  • Remaining days : 6
  • Solutions : 2,023

Our votes target

: 484,497 over 550,000 votes (88%)

The more votes a solution receives, the more likely it is to become a real change in society.

How to participate in this consultation ?

We count on everyone's action to defend the general interest. Therefore we need thousands of citizen solutions and opinions during our consultations.

React to the solutions

Solutions define the stakes of a consultation: express yourself to determine what the citizen priorities are.

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These citizen solutions have received as many positive votes as negative ones.

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These citizen solutions have received the most favorable votes.

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Choose the topics on which you want to express yourself as a priority.

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    Why this consultation ?

    Why has this consultation been launched ? What is the underlying issue ? Who promoted it ?

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    What are the highlights of this consultation?

    • Citizen consultation
      June 2022

      All our consultations begin with a call for ideas and citizen votes.

    • Results
      Automne 2022

      Révélations des résultats de la consultation.