citizen consultation - Comment améliorer la santé et l'autonomie de toutes et tous dans les Pays de la Loire ?

Consultation initiated by :
  • Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS) Pays de la Loire
  • Consultation start date : 13 Mar 2023
  • Remaining days : 23
  • Solutions : 1,660

Our votes target

: 147,174 over 150,000 votes (98%)

The more votes a solution receives, the more likely it is to become a real change in society.

Mains de plusieurs personnes tenant une frise papier représentant la diversité des personnes.

How to participate in this consultation ?

We count on everyone's action to defend the general interest. Therefore we need thousands of citizen solutions and opinions during our consultations.

Write a solution

Share your ideas with as many people as possible. Each solution will be moderated before being put to the vote of the citizens.

React to the solutions

Solutions define the stakes of a consultation: express yourself to determine what the citizen priorities are.

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Decide between the controversial solutions

These citizen solutions have received as many positive votes as negative ones.

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Vote on popular solutions

These citizen solutions have received the most favorable votes.

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Share the consultation

Surely, your friends also have ideas and opinions that must be heard. Share this consultation with your friends to further its reach.

Why this consultation ?

Why has this consultation been launched ? What is the underlying issue ? Who promoted it ?

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