BREAKING NEWS @ VIVATECHNOLOGY 2024 unveils two global initiatives
to put A.I. in service of society

Democratic Commons: AI serving Democracy is launching the first global research program aimed at integrating democratic principles into AI. With a team of 50 researchers and engineers, we are developing unbiased AI solutions and platforms to enhance citizen participation. We are achieving it in collaboration with leading international academics and institutions such as Sciences Po, CNRS, Sorbonne University, Hugging Face, Aspen Institute,, GENCI and Project Liberty's Institute.

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VivaTech AI Report: AI-Driven Conference Insights is launching the world’s first platform “VivaTech AI Report”, which leverages Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize access to VivaTech’s conferences content. Developed by with Les Echos, in partnership with Viva Technology and with the support of Magic Lemp, the platform offers VivaTech visitors entirely new ways to access the best conference content. Thanks to’s AI technology, visitors can ask questions about what was discussed at the Vivatech’s conferences, receive detailed answers, and directly access video extracts that explain the arguments.

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Together, we can change society for the better

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  • How can we make baby care more environmentally friendly (i.e. diaper, wipes, etc.) ?

    6,946 participants 484 proposals 72,972 votes Consultation from 4 November 2022 to 28 May 2023

  • Sustainable Tourism

    As a tourist in France, what are your ideas for a more sustainable tourism?

    49,432 participants 1,830 proposals 334,429 votes Consultation from 10 May 2021 to 20 June 2021

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